Our Portfolio. Our Legacy.

CrewPay is a software service that makes it easy for small business to manage and pay their independent contractors. Through secure and intuitive tools, CrewPay helps businesses stay 1099 compliant, reduce paperwork, scale effortlessly and build loyalty with their contractors. CrewPay is on a mission to help owners and managers win back hours of time every month. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, CrewPay launched in the spring of 2019. Learn more at paywithcrew.com.

Founded in 2015 in Winston-Salem, NC, Threat Sketch provides data and analytics that solve large scale cyber risk management problems where supply chain and portfolio risk management converge with cybersecurity. They also created ts jurisdiction™, the leading cyber law research platform for attorneys, underwriters, and risk managers that need to understand data liability. Learn more at www.threatsketch.com.

Soelect www.soelect.com – (Greensboro) develops advanced solid state battery components to power the next generation of electric vehicles, power tools and mobile electronics.

Proodos www.proodos.work – (Winston-Salem) is a cutting-edge platform for project management and decision making inspired by navigation and driven by artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and advanced computation.